The Hero Appreciation Network is bringing together the entire community --

law enforcement, government, schools, clergy, business and concerned citizens -- all working together to help thousands of kids to reach their goals through college, trade or technical training.

And it’s all done at no cost to anyone and no tax dollars expended.

Flag Star Hero Appreciation NetworkLAW ENFORCEMENT has taken the lead in this endeavor. They are on the streets, they see everyday the fearsome effect of street crime and gang violence involving the youth of our communities who see no hope or opportunity for the American Dream. But HAN provides that alternative by awarding $5,000 scholarships to worthy students who are otherwise at risk of being lost to the streets. That’s why we are endorsed by agencies including:

Sheriff Baca and the L.A. County Sheriff’s Dept.

Chief Randy Adams of the Glendale Police Dept.

Chief Anthony Alba, San Fernando Police Dept. (retired)

Robert Taylor, Chief of Los Angeles Probation Dept.

Bob Baker, President, LAPD Protective League

Interagency Gang Task Force

LAPD Clergy Committee

LA Criminal Justice Coordinating Committee

Flag Star Hero Appreciation NetworkGOVERNMENT. The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors has awarded the Hero Appreciation Network with a Proclamation for its service to the community and has carried a motion authorizing every county agency to donate their used inkjet and toner cartridges to charitable organizations including HAN. We thank:

Supervisor Gloria Molina

Supervisor Yvonne B. Burke

Supervisor Don Knabe

Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich

Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky and

California Metro who are lending their support.

Flag Star Hero Appreciation NetworkSCHOOLS. The Los Angeles Unified School District as well as private and public schools throughout Southern California are where the target of our efforts lies – youth at risk of turning to the influence of gangs and falling into a life of crime and disorder. We need and seek schools’ cooperation to submit their qualified students for scholarship consideration. We also need all of the expended inkjet and toner cartridges they can donate.

Flag Star Hero Appreciation NetworkCLERGY AND CHURCHES. Are there kids in your congregations and neighborhoods who could use a hand up toward the American Dream? Submit their names to us. Give them an application and a chance for a scholarship that can change their lives forever. And please collect those cartridges. They’re like gold to us but it costs you nothing. Candidates are chosen by the Police Clergy Councils in all of the districts and community service agencies and we are endorsed by the LAPD Clergy Committee. See our open Letter to the Clergy on an accompanying page.

Flag Star Hero Appreciation NetworkBUSINESS is our most productive partner and the most vital element in our success. You can see from our growing list of corporate PARTNERS that HAN has remarkable credibility within the community. These organizations have investigated us and concluded that they want to be a part of our program to reduce crime and gang violence, offer hope and opportunity to deserving young people and have a positive impact on our environment.

Southern California Edison

Boeing/Rocketdyne Corp.

Pratt Whitney

Century 21

IHOP Restaurants

Galpin Ford

PTI Printing Technology Inc.

Flag Star Hero Appreciation NetworkCONCERNED CITIZENS like yourself can help. We are endorsed by ROTARY SIMI SUNSET made up of concerned citizens just like you. They see the incredible potential recycling can offer in helping the environment and aiding a deserving young person toward a worthwhile and productive life. Here’s what you can do:

Collect empty inkjet and toner cartridges for HAN to recycle. We get as much as $2 or more per cartridge. Imagine the potential if everyone you know would save those little, useless devices for us.

Get the word out. We need everyone's help. Have your company save and donate their cartridges to HAN. It's tax deductible.

Donate $1 or more out of every paycheck you receive. It's tax deductible.

Persuade your company to match the funds you and your fellow employees donate to HAN.

Get young people involved. Tell the youth you know to become Living Memorials to the Fallen Heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and security. More information can be found under Living Memorials.

Keep the families of Fallen Heroes, the heroes currently serving to protect us and HAN in your daily prayers.

Remember, every scholarship is awarded in the name of a Fallen Hero, a serviceman or woman, firefighter or police officer, who has made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom or safety. And every cent received through recycling goes directly toward a scholarship for a youth at risk.

Please get involved. You will be rewarded and blessed.

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