Fallen Hero Legacy

Expended inkjet and toner cartridges come from four major sources:

    The County
     The City
     Individuals and Community at large

Donated cartridges come to HAN and are recycled.  100% of funds derived from recycling goes directly into scholarships.

Recruitment, screening and review of qualified applicants are accomplished by:

     Service organizations:  Rotary Club, Kiwanis
     Faith-based organizations:  Volunteer Churches and Clergy Councils

These organizations will review and rank the applicants in accordance with HAN criteria and on the basis of the students’ and their endorsers’ statements.  The most qualified applicants’ names will be placed in a drum and scholarship recipients will be drawn by a service club, church or clergy council representative.  On special occasions, the name(s) may be drawn by a celebrity or dignitary who has demonstrated an exceptional interest in higher education for youth at risk.  In all cases, scholarships will be awarded in a blind selection process as funds become available

Potential venues for Award Presentations are:
   Chamber of the Board of Supervisors
   Mayor’s selected venue
   Office of the Chief of Police selected venue
   Office of the County Sheriff selected venue
   Rotary Club venue
   Corporation Headquarters
   HAN Special Events selected venues


A qualified applicant may be nominated by a clergy person, law enforcement officer, firefighter or military personnel, educator or public service representative.  Or the applicant may apply directly by downloading an application form from the HAN website.  The application/registration form may be submitted via e-mail or sent to the HAN P.O. Box designated.

The Applicant’s Application:

will be reviewed by any of various organizations or committees designated by HAN for that purpose.  These groups include:

  • Various service organizations, i.e. Rotary Club
  • Clergy Councils
  • Military, Law Enforcement or Firefighter committees specified by HAN
  • Special Reviewing Committees made up of qualified community leaders
          appointed and approved by HAN
The Review Committee or Organization (Agency) will make recommendations in accordance with the rules and selection process set forth by official HAN Policies. 

The Participating Agency will:

Review all candidate application/registration forms submitted to it.  Of the submissions, the Agency will classify the candidates in two categories.

Group A will contain the names of the candidates found most worthy of a scholarship award. 

Group B will contain the names of all other qualified candidates.

From Group A, the Agency will designate the top five Candidates whom it considers most worthy and most likely to take advantage of a scholarship.  These five names will be added to a list compiled from all participating Review Committees and Organizations and from this list a Blind Drawing will be conducted to determine the Candidates selected to be awarded a scholarship.

It is important to understand that scholarship awards will be made as funds allow.   Therefore, if there are enough funds for four scholarships, then four names will be drawn from the Candidate pool compiled from the lists presented by the Reviewing Agencies. 

Also understand that all names from Groups A and B will be retained indefinitely or until the Candidate passes the age of 21.  Therefore, all Candidates will be reconsidered as funds come available for more scholarship awards.  If enough funds are available to present awards to all Group A candidates, then Group B candidates will become eligible and that is why no names are ever discarded. 

It is our hope and mission to present a scholarship to every qualified student who applies.  It all depends on the success of our fund raising efforts. 

Candidates chosen by the HAN Blind Selection Process will be notified of their award within 30 days of their selection. 

The scholarship will be awarded at an Awards Ceremony to be conducted by HAN and/or a business or organization volunteering to host the event.   

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