Fallen Hero Legacy

Hero Appreciation Network Scholarship Program Award

PROBLEM: Youth Gangs, violence and despair

SOLUTION: Hope and Opportunity/Outreach to the Whole Person

HOW: Thru Higher Education and Vocational Training

WHO: The Hero Appreciation Network & Partner Associates

WHAT: $5,000 Scholarships for college or trade schools

At-Risk Youth in our communities all too often believe nobody cares and see nothing optimistic or hopeful about their futures. They need to know there is a way out of the dark despair that gangs and street crime provide. The Hero Appreciation Network in association with the Los Angeles Clergy Councils, Partners and Law Enforcement offers a clear direction toward the American Dream everyone desires.

A four part partnership program has been developed to supply the tools necessary for our youth to prosper and grow and be directed to a path leading to a bright, hope-filled future.

  1. Family. This program is designed to bring the entire family together to create better understanding and moral support for the young person.

  2. Learning. It’s not unusual for a young person to have trouble in school. Failure often leads to dropout which all too often leads to the streets. This program is designed to teach the student “how to learn.” Once mastered, the student approaches his/her education with the tools necessary to succeed.

  3. Health/Fitness. This is a sports and health program intended for the purpose of developing a strong, healthy body.

  4. Scholarships. The reward for succeeding in all the above areas is the opportunity to be awarded a $5,000 Scholarship to a college or trade school of the student’s choice offered by The Hero Appreciation Network.

Hero Appreciation Network Award Ceremony

This dynamic program, co-administered by our Partner Organizations, Los Angeles Clergy Councils, Sheriff’s and Police Departments and supported by the Hero Appreciation Network is the solution to gang violence and street crime because it provides an alternative to that destructive way of life.

By bringing together the family to create a support system with integrity and moral values, teaching the student “how to learn”, developing his/her health and fitness and finally, offering the student the opportunity to receive a $5,000 Scholarship is the most positive and productive system we could devise to create real change in our society. Our multi-staged program is designed to “reach the whole person” and family.

This Program is truly a legacy of the memory of our Fallen Heroes. To honor the servicemen and women, law officers and firefighters who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom, safety and security, every scholarship will be awarded in the name of one of those heroes.

There is no shortage of heroes as there is no shortage of the number of young people in need of a hand up in life.

We believe the students accepting these scholarships become living memorials to the memory of the hero they represent. And so we ask each of them to take this pledge.

I pledge to strive to be the best citizen I can be,

to make the most of the opportunity afforded me,

to honor the memory of a hero and to make proud

the family of the loved one I have been chosen

to represent. This I pledge on my honor.


Girl sadIf you or someone you know is a youth-at-risk of a troubled life, please contact us.

Students 14-20 years-old may apply.
You must fill out a registration form and obtain three endorsements from three of the following categories:

1) the clergy
2) law enforcement
3) an educator
4) firefighter or
5) military personnel.

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If you are a student 14 to 21 years of age and living in the Southern California area, send your completed form to the Hero Appreciation Network (see address below).

Send your application to:

21000 Devonshire #108
Chatsworth, CA 91311

Upon receipt of your application, you will be given an I.D. number.

Winners are chosen in a blind selection process by Service Organizations and/or Clergy Councils.

What we are looking for in a candidate is need and worthiness and a strong desire to succeed in life.

Scholarships are awarded as funds become available.

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If you aren’t awarded a scholarship immediately, your name will remain on the list (until you pass the age of 21) and you will be reconsidered as new scholarships are announced.

CONTACT HeroAppreciationNetwork.org by >>Clicking Here to CONTACT US << .

Chance to make a difference.Organizations, this is your chance to make a difference.

We’re talking about schools, churches and service clubs. Contact us and tell us how many registration forms you need to get out to the youth in your proximity. We hope you consider it your civic responsibility to sign-up as many worthy student candidates as you are able.
Help Recycle
At the same time, we’re asking you to join our campaign to save and collect all the expended inkjet and toner cartridges you can. Every one of them will go that much further to providing a scholarship to a deserving kid in your community.

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