Partner sponsorship is the most vital element in our success. You can see from our growing list of corporate and government PARTNERS that HAN has remarkable credibility within the community. These organizations have investigated us and concluded that they want to be a part of our program to reduce crime and gang violence, offer hope and opportunity to deserving young people and have a positive impact on the environment.

We want you to be our PARTNER. Watch a video under endorsements.

Galpin Ford

Southern California Edison


Pratt and Whitney


LASD Sheriff Lee Baca

Printing Technologies, Inc

International House Of Pancakes

The Hero Appreciation Network is a 501c3 non-profit charitable organization and, therefore, donations made to us are tax deductible.

Remember, to be a partner costs you nothing. Just think of the number of inkjet and toner cartridges your organization uses every month. Those used and expended cartridges are gold to us. More than 700 million of these used cartridges are discarded into landfills every year creating an ecological hazard. But every one of them that you collect and send to us, postage paid, can mean as much as $2 dollars net profit. And every cent of those profits goes directly into the Fallen Hero Legacy Scholarship Program delivering college and trade school scholarships to the youth in our communities who might otherwise turn to crime and violence.

It’s easy to be a PARTNER. Just contact us at:

Hero Appreciation Network

P.O. Box 189, Simi Valley, CA 93062

Fax: 805.522.4746


We want to add you to our list of conscientious organizations who would rather put those old inkjet cartridges to good use than throw them away. Also, please ask how to get your website linked to ours so that we can be an extension of your advertising efforts. When people see your logo among our sponsor/partners, they will know you are part of the solution to the epidemic of gang violence plaguing our society. They will click your link and be on your page where we hope you will also display this banner:

Sponsor Banner

To show how our collection and accounting system works for you, we provide the following information.


Organizations collecting used inkjet/toner cartridges will package them in postpaid, pre-addressed baggies we provide. Baggies will be mailed to PTI, our recycling center, where they will be screened, counted and credited to the organization from which they came. Baggies will have a color code (soon to be replaced with a bar code) to identify the organization. Cartridges will be examined for usability – damaged or outdated cartridges will be discarded – and an accurate count of qualified cartridges will be credited to the organization and reported to HAN who will supply the organization with a document suitable for filing with the IRS. Please keep in mind, 100% of the funds derived from recycling goes directly into scholarships for our youth and every scholarship will be awarded in the name of a Fallen Hero.

(color coded)

Recycling Chart


Monthly Organization ReportNumbers will be posted on the HAN website for members of your organization to see your progress from month to month. A report will be generated and sent to you (if needed) for filing with your tax return.

Certificates, plaques and other incentives will be awarded to organizations exhibiting outstanding results for the month.

But always keep in mind -- the purpose of recycling is to help our environment and to honor our Heroes by providing scholarships for the youth in our society who would otherwise have little chance for a bright and hope-filled future.

Recommendations for promoting the HAN inkjet/toner cartridge Recycling Program for businesses.

Each month your company will receive a statement from us with an accounting of the number of cartridges your company contributed. We suggest you print a graph in your newsletter to depict the number of units contributed each month so that employees can keep up with the progress their collection efforts have achieved.

We hope, also, that your company will maintain a vigorous program to encourage employees to donate their personal use cartridges and any more they might collect on their own. We will account for personal use cartridges separately and issue a report along with your company report so that you can graph employee donations right alongside those of the company’s.

HAN Recycling Graph
Please keep in mind the purpose of our recycling. Besides keeping some of the 700 million cartridges discarded in landfills every year from endangering our environment, we are providing life-affirming scholarships to the Youth-at-Risk in our communities in the names of our Fallen Heroes. No doubt qualified students and members of families of your employees will be signing up for these scholarships. As they do, we will notify you and request you announce their names in your newsletter. A running list of these students should appear in every edition to help encourage your corporate family to continue to support the program and keep collecting those cartridges.

FOR COMMUNITY SERVICE CLUBS AND CHURCHES, we propose that you, similarly, graph your monthly progress and report it in your periodic newsletters/bulletins. Also include the names of all new candidates who have signed-up for scholarships through your recommendation.

The number of scholarships HAN can deliver is dependent on the amount of funds provided through your recycling efforts and from other income streams we have developed, all for the sole purpose of creating scholarships.

That’s what we’re all about; giving kids a shot at a bright and hopeful future through higher education and vocational training. We expect to give away tens of thousands of scholarships. But it all depends on the support of you and your fellow citizens. We think this is a unique opportunity to make a huge difference in the lives of young people at virtually no cost to anyone. Contact us and tell us you want to be our partner.

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