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Hero Appreciation Network Scholarship Award Press Conference

Dr. Kathleen VanAntwerp, Sheriff Leroy Baca, Attorney Martin Vranicar, Mayor James Hahn,
Chief LAPD Chaplain Ken Crawford, Entertainer Pat Boone ( Video 1)

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Flag Star Hero Appreciation NetworkIn recognition of the brave men and women who have served our nation in the uniforms of the military, law enforcement and firefighters and have made the ultimate sacrifice to preserve our freedom, safety and security, The Hero Appreciation Network was founded to remember and honor these Fallen Heroes. We also honor and support those heroes currently serving and laying their lives on the line everyday so that we may live in peace and freedom.

Flag Star Hero Appreciation NetworkTo best honor these men and women, The Hero Appreciation Network looks to the future of this country our heroes serve and have died to defend. And so...

Flag Star Hero Appreciation NetworkWe are dedicated to promoting hope and opportunity to the youth of this nation who would otherwise find it difficult to “make it” in our society. To that end...

Flag Star Hero Appreciation NetworkIt is our Mission as a 501c3 non-profit charitable organization to award academic and vocational trade school scholarships to worthy at-risk-youth.

Flag Star Hero Appreciation NetworkIt is our belief these young students will become contributing members of society and conduct their lives as living memorials to the Fallen Heroes in whose name each of the scholarships is awarded.

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