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HAN logoDear Clergyman,


I am writing to make you aware of a wonderful opportunity we have to make an immediate and lasting impact on the lives of the “at risk” youth within your congregation and community. The Hero Appreciation Network has created the Fallen Hero Legacy Scholarship Program bringing together the entire community - law enforcement, schools, clergy and business - to provide scholarships to underprivileged youth in your community at zero cost to anyone. Funds are raised by recycling some of the 700 million used inkjet and toner cartridges discarded into landfills every year. Then scholarships are awarded to worthy boys and girls who have shown a desire to escape poverty and the lure of gang membership in order to improve themselves in college or trade schools. And to honor the heroes of our nation, each scholarship is awarded in the name of an individual who has given the ultimate sacrifice for our safety or freedom.

We are asking you to join the Clergy Councils of the Los Angeles Law Enforcement Departments who, in cooperation with such companies as Boeing/Rocketdyne, Pratt & Whitney and Century 21 as well as the Rotary Club and L.A. County Criminal Justice Coordinating Committee, in supporting this effort.

Please contact us and request the Registration/Nomination Forms for the qualified youth 14-20 years of age in your congregation who could use a lift up in life. Have them fill out the forms and obtain their endorsements and return them to us as soon as possible to make them eligible for a $5,000 scholarship. Also...

We want your used inkjet and toner cartridges. If all the members of all of the churches and synagogues in Los Angeles County donated their personal spent cartridges, tens of thousands of dollars could be used for scholarships. When people learn that we can realize a net gain of $2 for every cartridge donated with the potential of amassing hundreds of millions of dollars annually for our cause, they get excited. Going into the community to collect used cartridges also would be an excellent and worthwhile Youth Group project within your congregation.

We have received enthusiastic endorsement from Sheriff Baca, L.A.P.D. Chiefs and L.A. County Supervisors Yaroslavsky, Burke and Antonovich. And The Hero Appreciation Network has received a County Proclamation for instituting this fine program.

There is no downside. Your participation demonstrates your strong concern for the youth of your community. In addition, your help will allow us to expand the effort and bring more scholarships to ever more young people. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact me at www.HeroAppreciationNetwork.org.



Russell Lee
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