We are all citizens of our communities. We are all affected by what happens in the world around us. And we all have a duty and a role to play to make our world better than it was before us.


Three of the most effective ways to do that is to take steps to:

Improve our environment --
by recycling some of the 700 million environmentally hazardous inkjet and toner cartridges discarded in our landfills every year.

Stop gang violence --
by offering our at risk youth hope and opportunity for a piece of the American Dream.

Educate our youth --
with $5,000 scholarships to college or vocational trade schools without using tax dollars or incurring any cost to you.


Collect empty inkjet and toner cartridges for HAN to recycle. We get as much as $2 or more per cartridge. Imagine the potential if everyone you know would save those little, useless devices for us.

Get the word out. We need everyone's help. Have your company save and donate their cartridges to HAN. It's tax deductible.

Donate $1 out of every paycheck you receive. It's tax deductible.

Persuade your company to match the funds you and your fellow employees donate to HAN.

Get young people involved. Tell the youth you know to become Living Memorials to the Fallen Heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and security. More information can be found under Living Memorials.

Keep the families of Fallen Heroes, the heroes currently serving to protect us and HAN in your daily prayers.

HAN intends to provide tens of thousands of scholarships to worthy young men and women. But we need your participation.

Remember, 100% of funds received through recycling go directly into scholarships.

Can you help?


  • Save and collect expended inkjet and toner cartridges.
  • Place them in a postage pre-paid box or baggy we provide.
  • Drop them in the mail.
  • We account for them.
  • We do all the work.
  • You get the tax credit.

It's that simple and it costs you nothing.

THE BENEFITS OF RECYCLING Hundreds of millions of inkjet, laser, copier and fax cartridges are manufactured annually for worldwide distribution. And over 90% are discarded into landfills!

It takes more than 100 years for the plastic housing to fully biodegrade. The photo receptors never break down. They are very bad for our environment. But the good news is...

Most cartridges can be used again!

They are valuable to the re-builders and re-fillers who now re-supply over 25% of the laser and inkjet cartridges used by businesses worldwide. The Hero Appreciation Network, a 501c3 nonprofit organization is an integral part of an industry that is stepping up to meet the constant needs of the re-cyclers.

Help eliminate 100 million pounds of landfill waste while leaving several hundred million quarts of oil in the ground for future use.

Reduce our federal balance of payments by billions of dollars annually. Most new cartridges are not made here but are imported.

Support the Hero Appreciation Network's Fallen Hero Legacy Scholarship Program for America's youth by saving and donating your expended cartridges.

Provide work for U.S. citizens. Already over 60,000 jobs depend upon these print cartridge cores that you collect and donate.

Lower the cost of doing business. Recycled toner and inkjet cartridges cost less. Help to save over one billion dollars annually.


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