Did you know that out of the millions of inkjet and toner cartridges used every year only 7% are recycled? That means that 700 million of these environmentally hazardous devices end up in our landfills.

100% GuaranteeThink of the number of cartridges you and your organization uses every year, every month. If you were to donate those cartridges to us, we can turn them into funds that go directly to our Fallen Hero Legacy Scholarship program for “at risk” youth. Depending on the cartridge model, we can realize as much as $2 or more in net profit. Think about it. With 700 million cartridges discarded every year, we could conceivably achieve revenue approaching one billion dollars every single year.

It’s so easy. Just contact us at:

Hero Appreciation Network

P.O. Box 189, Simi Valley, CA 93062

Fax: 805.522.4746

Email: Recycle@heroappreciationnetwork.com

It costs you nothing. We will sign you up as a partner and send you the postpaid, addressed baggies. Just collect the cartridges and mail them in the baggies. For larger collections, boxes will be provided.


Put your cartridges in the postpaid, addressed baggy provided.

Postpaid Addressed HAN Baggy


Put the baggy in any mailbox.

Put the baggy in any mailbox!


The number of scholarships HAN can deliver is dependent on the amount of funds provided through your recycling efforts and from other income streams we have developed, all for the sole purpose of creating scholarships.

That’s what we’re all about; giving kids a shot at a bright and hopeful future through higher education and vocational training. We expect to give away tens of thousands of scholarships. But it all depends on the support of you and your fellow citizens. We think this is a unique opportunity to make a huge difference in the lives of young people at virtually no cost to anyone. Contact us and tell us you want to be our partner.

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