Q:  What is the purpose of your organization?

A:  The Hero Appreciation Network (HAN) was founded shortly after the 911 disaster in order to recognize and honor the fallen heroes of our society.  These include members of the military, police and firefighting ranks.  We determined that the most appropriate way to commemorate the lives of these heroes was to promote higher education for the disadvantaged and at-risk youth in our communities.  We do this by awarding $5,000 scholarships toward college or trade schools for individuals who might otherwise turn to street gangs and a criminal life.

Q:  How do you fund your scholarships?

A:  Funds are received through donations, personal gifts, celebrity fund raisers, the sale of HAN merchandise and, most importantly, through the collection and recycling of used inkjet and toner cartridges.  We are mandated through our by-laws to provide 100% of funds derived from recycling for our scholarship program.

Q:  If 100% of your recycling funds go directly into scholarships, how are your administrative costs covered?

A:  Besides recycling HAN has other income sources which include private and corporate gifts and donations, fund raisers, celebrity entertainment events and product sales as well as the free time donated by a host of volunteers. A portion of these resources help to fund necessary administrative costs which we strive to keep at a minimum and the remainder goes into the scholarship fund. 

Q:  Are donations made to you tax deductible?

A:  Yes.  The Hero Appreciation Network is a 501C3 charitable organization.

Q:  How is HAN operated?

A:  HAN is managed by its Chairman, Officers, Board of Directors and Advisory Board in compliance with the laws of the State of California.   Operations are managed by the Chairman and Board and carried out by an ever-growing army of volunteers. 

Q:  How many scholarships has HAN awarded?

A:  To date, HAN has awarded $25,000 in scholarships and we’ve only just begun.  Scholarships are awarded as funds become available. 

Q:  How can I find out more about HAN?

A:  Go to our website at www.HeroAppreciationNetwork.org.

Q:  Who can qualify for a HAN Scholarship?

A:  Presently, we are accepting applications from students, ages 14-21 residing in Southern California.  We expect to go national sometime in 2008.  We are looking for candidates who demonstrate a desire to make a better life for themselves through education and are currently in a life situation that makes them at-risk of succumbing to the lure of gang membership and a life of crime.

Q:  How does a student sign-up for a scholarship?

A:  Go to our website and download an application. 

Q:  How can someone who wants to donate or provide used inkjets go about it?

A:  Go to our website and find out HOW YOU CAN HELP.  All of the information you need will be there. 

Q:  What are your immediate goals?

A:  HAN is striving toward, and with God’s help, will distribute 1,000 scholarships worth $5 million in 2008.  We want to triple that amount in 2009 and the sky is the limit thereafter.  Also, we have in the works for 2008 the “Yes, We Care” Celebrity Rally and Music Concert to feature world-class musicians.   

Remember, scholarships are awarded only as funds become available for them. 

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