The 100,000

Yes We Care ...”

Rally and Celebrity Concert


Yes we care

Mark your calendars for a truly historical event that will attract nationwide attention. By 2010-2011, we will have signed up in excess of 100,000 partners and student scholarship candidates. And on that date we will host a 100,000 person Rally and Celebrity Concert at the L.A. Coliseum. Its purpose is to announce that “Yes, We Care” about our country, our faith, our youth, our communities and the American Dream.

The Rally will feature professional sports figures and movie stars to be followed by a World-Class Celebrity Concert starring world-famous musical artists. And here’s the exciting part.

Our goal is to present 1,000 Scholarships worth a total of 5 million dollars to qualified candidates attending the Celebrity Concert.

A Scholarship will be awarded every 15 seconds, the name of the winner to be flashed on one of the three giant screens provided at the Coliseum. The student’s name along with the name of the HERO to be honored with that Scholarship will be shown. Meanwhile, a rolling list of winning names will continually be shown on a second screen to be certain no one will miss finding their name among the winners.

Admission to the concert will be 10 used inkjet or toner cartridges. Otherwise, general admission is $50 per ticket.

See you there!

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