The Hero Appreciation Network was founded with a vision to honor the many men and women service people from our military, law enforcement and firefighting ranks whom have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom, safety and security. We also honor, support and keep in our prayers those heroes currently serving and laying their lives on the line everyday so that we may live. Watch our Flash PowerPoint presentation.

Higher EducationWe are all aware of the growing problem of youth gangs, violence and street crime infesting our communities. The Hero Appreciation Network believes the best way to combat this problem is by providing an alternative for the young people who are most vulnerable to the lure of gangs and violence. We believe higher education and vocational training is the solution.

Through our Fallen Hero Legacy Scholarship Program we are making a difference in the lives of underprivileged and “at risk” youth who are eager to make better lives for themselves.

By providing scholarships to colleges and trade schools, we are giving young people the opportunity to escape poverty and the lure of gang membership and instilling in them real hope for the future.


County LA Recommendation for Hero Appreciation NetworkWe will award tens of thousands of scholarships

To accomplish such a daunting task will require the help of all areas of community involvement. And so the program brings together the entire community -- law enforcement, schools, churches and business -- all working together to help thousands of kids to reach their goals through college, trade or technical training. And all of this will be done with zero cost to anyone or any tax dollars required whatsoever.

How do we do it? Recycling.

Funds are raised by recycling some of the 700 million used inkjet and toner cartridges discarded into landfills every year. Think about it. Seven hundred million cartridges wasted and creating an ecological hazard every year. For every cartridge collected and donated, The Hero Appreciation Network may receive $2. That means we have the potential of turning all those wasted cartridges into funds approaching one billion dollars... every single year. And every penny of those funds coming from recycling goes directly to the Scholarship Fund.

It costs nothing. Only time and effort and a willingness to participate. And that means involvement. Involvement is the key to our success. And so there are 7 arenas of community activity in which we must operate and have a very high profile. We want to bring into these arenas an “industry of hope and opportunity”. And they are:

  1. The Political Arena. We need the support and recommendation of political and governmental entities on all levels; local, state and national.

  2. The Corporate Arena. We have a long list growing ever longer of small and large businesses that have the social conscience to support our mission. Corporate America is an integral part of our endeavor to create an Industry of Hope and Opportunity among the youth in our communities.

  3. The Educational Arena. Schools are where we find our targeted youth and can be of invaluable assistance in getting the word out.

  4. The Faith Based Arena. Churches, like schools, help us to find and target qualified young people who can best be helped through our mission.

  5. The Community Arena. Trust and support of the Community is vital to the success of our goals.

  6. The Media Arena. We need the Media to spread our mission to the widest audience.

  7. The Creative Arena. We need Ideas from every source we can find.
Recycling Ink Cartridges

In addition to our Recycling efforts, we have developed alternative sources and streams of revenue. They are:
  1. Recycling of expended Inkjet/toner cartridges. Environmentally sound. One hundred percent of collected funds go directly to scholarships.
  2. Webpage. Paid Corporate Advertising, Shopping Cart, etc.
  3. Promotional Items. Gifts offered in exchange for donations.
  4. Event Program Ads. Paid by advertisers.
  5. Special Fund Raisers. Silent Auctions, etc.
  6. Grants. Government and private.
  7. Donations. Tax deductible.

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